Passenger Charter Flights

Chartering an aircraft gives you complete control over when and where you go. Charter costs are based on the aircraft, giving you flexibility in the number of seats and functions required to meet your needs.

Treeland Jets takes care of the comfort and safety of our clients on board. We specialize in hassle-free flying of passengers and cargo. .

At Treeland Jets we understand that our customer’s needs are often varying. Designed to meet the most challenging requirements, our project team is on call at all times, to ensure that your emergency requests are handled with ease.

From ad hoc projects to daily shipments, from part loads to dedicated flights, we handle your cargo, with the care it deserves, working in harmony, keeping your needs a priority without prejudice or fine print.

Cargo Chartered Flights

Air Charter Service is a worldwide air load sanction business - our size, worldwide framework and involvement in freight contracting is the thing that separates us from a significant number of our rivals. We offer a full scope of payload airplane, from little flies for pressing bundles, to expansive tankers for outsize freight. We additionally offer a locally available messenger benefit.


Global Coverage

Regardless of where your freight needs to get to or where from, our universal system of workplaces furnishes you with local knowledge on a worldwide scale.


Flight Representation

One of our charter specialists can help you on the ground to ensure that all parts of your cargo charter run easily.

Air Ambulance Flight

Treeland Jets has a large range of aircraft suitable for medical evacuation flights and transportation. These jets are specially equipped to transport the sick and injured, accompanied by relatives and specialist medical staff.


Private Terminal Access

Maintain a strategic distance from lines and superfluous postponements; travelers can board the flying machine minutes before take-off.


Luxury and Comfort

Flying ought to be a joy and we'll influence your contract to understanding as lavish and agreeable as could be expected under the circumstances.

Pilgrimage Flights

we take part for a considerable length of time in little arrangement to the best places for journey purposes and know flawlessly the air terminals we are proposing, do offer help on ground likewise and a few administrations for the flights . We know each sort of traveler, nation by nation and we set up our flights taking all parameters in thought .

We generally examine each case before contracting a flying machine to guarantee the best administration for such sort of travelers . We know additionally the demand for wheelchair , oxygen consent and the majority of the things permitted on board the air ship we are contracting . We generally propose providing food benefits and have help on ground to catch up our activity and the travelers ask for .

Ferry Flights Services

We furnish in collaboration with our project administration for any ship flight to guarantee that your air ship is moved productively, taken a toll viably and in an expert way.

  • Flight planning and actual flight progress reporting
  • Visa and Security Clearance Support
  • State of the art Flight Planning and Trip Support
  • Performance Calculations
  • Diplomatic clearances
  • Cost-effective positioning of flight crew to and from assignment via our own 24/7 Travel agency
  • Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) compliant service for all relevant ferry flights
  • Fuel uplift
  • Insurance

Emergency Flights

Treeland Jets can react quickly to emergencies around the clock, organizing medical evacuation planes and emergency aircraft after natural disasters, political unrest or corporate crises. Treeland Jets has vast experience in coordinating evacuation flights and emergency aircraft. We can react quickly to provide solutions around the globe for:

  • Specialist personnel movements
  • Evacuations and repatriations
  • On-going relief logistics
  • Search & Rescue teams
  • Medical transportation

While charges offered under the Medical Emergency arrangement differ in value, the extra adaptability might be advantageous to oblige sudden changes in your venture designs.

Group Charter

Our groups charter division handles larger passenger aircraft, including regional jet airliners & turboprops, VIP & executive airliners and narrow- & wide-body airliners.

During the past 10 years, Treeland Jets has built up a reputation for delivering seamless group charter solutions for a broad range of clients around the world, including multinational businesses, sports teams, entertainment management companies, relief agencies and governments.

We offer a personalized service, tailoring every aspect of the group air charter experience to your precise needs. The Group Charter team will provide a truly memorable experience, enabling you to pick precise times and dates of flights and choose from a vast range of branding, catering and service options.

Umrah & Hajj Group charters

Under the supervision of group charter division we also provide the Hajj & Umrah Group Charter Services.If you have dedicated yourself to the Islamic faith and you’re ready to perform your holy pilgrimage, allow Treeland Jets to arrange your private jet charter to Mecca (also known as Makkah). Recognizing the spiritual significance you place on your trip, our team of air charter agents is prepared to provide a tranquil, enriching travel experience that will help you get the most out of this tradition.

Special Events Flight

Everyone loves a surprise, yet few surprises have the power to take someone's breath away. But that's exactly what happens when you charter an aircraft. It's the one treat that leaves your guests speechless.

If you want people to know how much they mean to you — spouses, families, customers, or colleagues — charter an aeroplane for their special occasion. A chartered aircraft wins every time: guests need not even know until they arrive at the airport that you've chartered an aircraft specially for them; a flight gives no clues to the ultimate destination; the level of service can outstrip anything your guests have experienced before. No two special occasions should ever be the same. It's their uniqueness that makes them special. That's why it's worth chartering an aircraft to mark the occasion — anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement, successful year, big contract win, or heartfelt thank you. Whatever the treat, your guests will get there quicker and more comfortably in a chartered aeroplane.

Animal Transportation

Treeland Jets is renowned as a trusted animal transportation specialist. Using an air charter is far quicker – and therefore more humane – than moving animals by road, sea or scheduled flight. Each animal’s safety is paramount and we take every professional care to provide a smooth and comfortable journey, from sourcing the ideal aircraft to fully briefing crewmembers and arranging onboard experts to accompany animals. Drawing on decades of experience in this sensitive field, Treeland Jets specialises in the air charter transportation of a wide range of animals, including:

  • Equine | Birds & Fowl
  • Exotic animals | Zoo animals
  • Livestock: Cattle, Swine, Sheep